Centronic is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of radiation detectors, having been established in 1945, specialising in the design, manufacture, testing and development of radiation detectors. We offer a unique combination of capabilities and, we believe, the widest variety of detectors of any manufacturer.

Our customers bring us their most challenging requirements from their most demanding markets including nuclear, defence, industrial, research, oil and gas and medical applications.

Our products are organised according to their underlying technology into the following groups:

  • Gas Filled Detectors
  • Geiger-Muller tubes
  • Silicon photodiodes
  • Electromagnetic (coil wound) components
  • Radiation tolerant cameras
  • Precision machined components

We are a privately owned company operating from an integrated site in Croydon, South London, UK where our capabilities include design, prototyping, full-scale in-house manufacturing and test.

Our specialist facilities include assembly cleanrooms, welding, coating processes, precision machining and the compliance practices appropriate to the materials we work with. As a business we are supported by an experienced management team, ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality and environmental standards and sector-specific certifications for key nuclear, aerospace and military customers.

Our long-term relationships with our customers are built on trust, which has been earned through repeatedly demonstrating engineering and manufacturing excellence. We typically engage with customers in one of three ways: standard catalogue products, customisation of standard products or customer-specified bespoke designs. In each case our commercial team works closely with each customer at an appropriate level to meet their individual requirements. In doing this they are able to call upon internal functions including engineering, manufacturing and project management according to the needs of the project.

A significant proportion of our output is exported worldwide and we participate in global intellectual development through conferences, collaborations and publications. If you rely upon safe measurement or control of radiation, process control and instrumentation, particle analysis or the measurement of light there is a strong likelihood that deep inside your application a Centronic detector could be generating the signals you depend upon for success.