Centronic’s expertise covers all aspects of production, complete in-house design & manufacturing, machining and environmental testing to final test/inspection, thereby maintaining complete control of all operation sequences.

Centronic also maintains a department of scientists and engineers in disciplines such as chemistry, physics, materials and electronics to support participation in design and development operations with the customer’s design engineers.

Our 4830m² factory consists of five modern facilities which specialise in the design and manufacturing of Geiger-Muller tubes, gas-filled detectors, semi-conductor detectors, coil wound components, and incorporates an integrated precision engineering service as well as onsite workshops and cleanrooms co-located with semiconductor processing.

Quality Management

Quality Management is an integral part of Centronic’s business. We are quality approved to ISO 9001 and certified to the most stringent nuclear, military and aerospace standards. Centronic is also approved to ISO14001, and is committed to minimising the environmental impact of our operations and products, including the impacts of our key suppliers and customers.

Project Management 

Centronic recognises that the successful delivery of Projects is a key requirement for many of our customers. We have dedicated project managers, employing stringent industry standard methodologies to ensure we can understand, and meet our customer requirements. We have experience of successfully managing projects from low volume prototyping, through to multi-million pound design projects.


Utilising over 50 years of experience in supplying the Nuclear and Defence industries with specialised products and solutions for sensor applications, Centronic offer a precision design, assembly and manufacturing service for a wide variety of applications. In fulfilling contracts from prototype development to major multi-million pound production orders, Centronic has assembled a wide range of skills across all disciplines including physicists and electronic engineers through to electro-mechanical design.
Centronic is highly specialised in complex brazed and welded precision assemblies of a unique range of materials such as stainless steel, titanium, copper, nickel, nickel/iron alloys, alumina ceramics & mineral insulated cables, ranging from large components to very small sub-assemblies.

Precision Engineering 

Centronic’s 500 m2 specialist precision engineering facility manufactures parts from raw material to finished products. Our precision engineering service offers a team of highly experienced staff supported by the material control, inspection and quality systems which Centronic already operates to support its nuclear, aerospace and oil & gas customers. User platforms include the Airbus A380, Eurofighter, Harrier GR9, fusion research and advanced robotics.

Centronic’s machining capabilities covers all types of ferrous and non-ferrous materials including most types of plastics using the latest CNC equipment including 5-axis, millturns and CMM's.

Test and Calibration 

The manufacturing processes carried out by Centronic require testing of both sub-assemblies and the completed equipment. Centronic maintains several radiation sources at its Croydon site for testing and calibration of radiation monitoring equipment.

Neutron detectors, for use in nuclear reactor instrumentation and other high neutron flux applications, are routinely calibrated by Centronic at the UK's National Physical Laboratory (NPL).

Centronic has in-house capabilities for carrying out helium leak testing and pressurised testing of vacuum tight envelopes. Electrical testing, such as insulation resistance measurements and high voltage breakdown, is also a common requirement in manufacture of Centronic products.