Centronic Geiger-Muller tubes are designed to detect alpha, beta, gamma radiation, x-rays or a combination of these. Different device structures enable detection of energies ranging from 10’s of keV to 10’s of MeV at dose rates up to 104mGy/h.

Our Geiger-Muller tubes are halogen quenched devices having metal walls for gamma detection and thin mica windows for alpha and beta detection. Based on our core products we release many customer-specific variants which incorporate bespoke modification or customer-defined additional testing.

Centronic Geiger-Muller tubes are designed by our engineers in Croydon, building on our experience in the market since 1945 when we believe we became the first commercial manufacturer of these devices. In 1992 we acquired and integrated the Geiger-Muller tube business of Philips Electronics to create the most comprehensive and respected range in the industry.